A Few Tips of Portrait Photography in Sacramento

Portrait Photography in Sacramento
Portrait Photography in Old Sacramento CA

When it comes to portrait photography taken in the city of Sacramento, you have various options to do this: either you capture your subjects out there in the open or you simply have their portraits taken in an enclosed environment, such as photo studio or something similar.

These days, many families prefer having their family portrait taken outdoors even if the focus is mostly on their face and a part of their bodies.In Sacramento you can find various spots where these portraits can be perfectly captured while paying attention to the following details: camera setting, lighting and interaction with the model(s). It is important to understand that with portraits it matters a lot that you capture the 'essence' of the person-s and manage to transmit something about their personality, character or lifestyle.

Places for Portrait Photography

For instance, choosing to take portrait photography outdoors at the Gibson Ranch Park in Sacramento, you have various places to take the shots without blending in the 'decor', but mostly focus on the person's face (I would say on the person's eye). At this point you need to use a wide (I prefer from 2.0 to 2.8) aperture to obtain the effect of shallow depth-of-field such as soft blur while the focus is set on the portrait without being distracted by the surroundings. Capitol Park in Sacramento is another location where many families choose to have their family portraits taken by a professional photographer. Even if the surrounding appears as a blur in the background, the faces and postures of the subjects are perfectly captured appearing mostly as an artistic portrait photography type that increases the effect on the eye of the beholder. Also check with the ISO number, beside the wide aperture of the camera setting. The lower ISO number is, the better the quality of the portrait photography. However, mostly it depends on the available natural. If you taking portrait in a shadow (probably it is a good Idea to find a shadow for your portrait) you can higher ISO on a camera. For a group portrait use smaller stop aperture (Smaller stops = larger f numbers) to have them all stay in focus. I prefer to not go less than f4.

Portrait Photography in Capital Park Sacramento
Portrait taken in Capital Park Sacramento

Lighting in Portrait Photography

Lighting is the next tip provided for the portrait photography especially when you are a beginner, which you more likely are, since you read now this article. Many professional photographers in Sacramento will call their models in their photo studio to take this type of photo. But if you do not have this studio and you are mostly an amateur, then you must know how to use the lighting. You need to place your subjects close to the window in such a manner that the natural light from outside to fall on one side. At the opposite side you should have a reflective surface such as a sheet of aluminum or a piece of white cardboard will do. This will help bounce the reflected light from outside on the other side of the subject face. It is the most basic flattering lighting scheme that you can get for successful portrait photography in the indoor space.

Natural Light Portrait Photography
One Source Natural Light

Comunication in Portrait Photography

Last tip is to make your subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera. As mentioned above, you have to get the best out of their personality and imprint it in that portrait photography. Most of the times, people feel uneasy knowing that a photo is about to be taken. A good idea to chase this uneasiness out of them, is to take a few shots until they get used to the camera click and also engage them in a discussion that takes their mind away from what you are about to do. They will feel more relaxed and less self-conscious, and thus you can capture the best portrait photography ever.