Checking Photographs

First of all try to stay in contact with me before the photo shoot. Do not be afraid to ask me what you need to wear on the photo shoot to have a better look. You also should say what look do you want to have in your photo shoot, it will extremely help on the day of the shooting, and each of us will know what to expect at the day of photographs.

Secondly, check photographs in magazines or online to find inspiration pictures and poses. Usually I will tell you how to pose however if you have an idea how do you want to look, it will be very helpful. You can send me some copies of photos you have found, and I can think about how to make it happen.

Furthermore, you have to be prepared to look great before the photo session, any haircut or waxing should be done at least one week before the picture day. Think about how you would like to have your hair done before you show up for the photo shoot. You can talk to a hairstylist and find out their opinion how they want your hair to be done. Then start to think about what you are going to wear on the photo shoot day.

Decide What Clothes

I prefer when my client have at least 5 different outfits. Also take as many different styles of shoes as you can, such as Heels, Flats, pumps, boots, and so on. Try to match the color of the shoes with your close you planning to wear. Additionally, try to think about what you eat. At least 3 days before photo shoot try to eat healthy food and drink a lot of water. Try to not to eat spicy food and food that contains high amount of fat. Do not drink alcohol and heavy amounts of caffeine. At least 3-4 days before photo shoot and your intake of sugar should be minimize. It will help your skin to look healthy and beautiful on the photo shoot day. Two days before the photo shoot try to make sure you get a full 8 hours of sleep. Do not overwhelm yourself and try to relax. You do not want to see dark circles around your eyes or to look puffy on the pictures. The day before the photo shoot, do your finger and toe nails, polish them or do French manicure, except you are looking for a specific color for your photo shoot. The night before the photo shoot make sure you packed everything you need; make - up, false eyelashes, hair accessories and anything else that you might use on the photo shoot. Punctuality is a very important, try to come at least 15 minute early.

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