How To Prepare Your Children For Photo-Shoot?

Kids Outdoor Photo-Shoot

Some of my clients ask me how do they need to be prepared for their children's photo shoot. So there are some advises that I can give. Make sure they are clean. Do nails, wash hair, wipe away eye boogers, wash their feet wipe noses and brash their teeth. Maybe you do not believe that it is important, but wen taking photos with professional photo camera, you will be able to see it all on the picture. Don't forget your children's diapers if they are still wearing them also you can use pull-ups or bloomers.

If your childrenare still need to take a nap, make sure they can take a nap before the professional photo session. Bring some candies, (be sure they will not stain teeth) cookies, cereal, that can help a photo shoot to go by smoothly. Do not give your children colorful drinks or food at least 2 days before your photo shoot it will give them natural look of the skin. Dress girls in the cute dresses, headbands, and elegant hats. Dress boys in jeans, button-up shirt and polo's. Do not wear dark, rich monotones, which make sweet faces to light and monochrome, instead of reach prints or colors. If you don't know what color to choose, pick a one that compliments your children's eye color.